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Learn the theory from your “How-To” guide,
then put it into practice with products that will provide TRUE sound playback.

  • Loudspeakers

    Your loudspeakers as elements of your sound system.

    Discover a range of loudspeakers that are designed to be part of a complete sound system, instead of classical stand-alone 2 channel Hi-Fi gear.

    Ultimate performance, TRUE sound reproduction, size and form-factor are made to integrate Home Theater design.

  • Power Amplifiers

    The power and headroom you need.

    As noted in your “How-To” guide, an amplifier always sounds better when it is not driven to clipping. To achieve this, you must provide ample available power, sufficient headroom and high current capability.

    This is the core philosophy of Audio Excellence amplifier design.

    Power amplifiers
  • DSP Crossover

    The heart of your sound system.

    To setup a professional-grade audio system, you will need a DSP controller/crossover that will be the brain of your whole installation. Most AV processors do not provide the flexibility and accuracy of a proper DSP controller.

    This is also an essential component of the Congard Code

    DSP crossover


These are our favourite configurations. They are simple examples of what is possible and provide an excellent basis for unbeatable clarity and bass response.

Check this out
  • The Congard code

    A unique approach to Audio System installation that will allow you to integrate room acoustics together with Sound System design. You will find it easy and fully compatible with 2D and all 3D audio standards.

    Discover the Congard Code
  • Acoustically transparent screens

    Audio Excellence audio products are designed to be part of a complete Home Theater system, with the L,C,R front loudspeakers located in the correct place: behind the projection screen. Check out your next projection screen with unrivalled performance on the Screen Excellence website.

    Discover Screen Excellence


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