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Audio Excellence is the audio department of Screen Excellence Ltd., located in Suffolk, England since 2008. Audio Excellence manufactures only the highest quality loudspeakers and associated electronics for high-end home cinema and private cinema installations. Designed by Patrice Congard who enjoys a long track record of achievements in the loudspeaker industry, our audio systems are guaranteeing your customers will receive the highest standard of home cinema technology available.


Audio Excellence loudspeakers are carefully built by hand and measured individually to meet the highest specifications. Each components is tested individually before being assembled, and each loudspeaker goes trough extensive QC check, including a listening test, before being packed.

Experience matters

We could put forward our design experience in loudspeakers, our unique innovative approach, the combination of residential Hi-Fi with pro audio experience, but what really matters is YOUR experience: The one you will have the very first time you put a signal into you newly installed Audio Excellence sound system.

This must be a revelation for you: The true sound like it was intended by the producing engineer, the one he heard on his monitors.

Tell us about this experience in your own words, we’d love it to be shared with as many enthusiasts as possible.

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    Our prices may vary according to your location because of transport costs and in some countries of import duties. Get your exact local price now by contacting your nearest dealer from our dealer locator.

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    Find the answers to most asked questions in our FAQ page. Or just learn many details about Audio Excellence offer.

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    Audio Excellence products are available through our global network of highly competent installers and integrators. You can find one near you by clicking on the Dealer Locator.

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    Please find our warranty conditions by clicking here.

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    At Audio Excellence we treat customer privacy very seriously. Here’s everything you'll ever need to know about SE policies.

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