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Home Theater sound has first and foremost to be credible, in order to deliver the immersive experience that provides the suspension of disbelief. This can only be achieved if the audio system sounds TRUE.

  • High SPL limited-range speakers

    A Vertex is a point of convergence. Its gives its name to the Vertex loudspeaker range that are the convergence of state-of-the-art technology, innovation and aesthetic design.

    The Vertex loudspeakers are limited-range designs operating from 100 Hz to 22kHz. They are to be coupled to a bass extension unit, like the Raijuu 1, via an active DSP crossover.

    Vertex 1

    The Vertex 1 is a very small compact loudspeaker yet delivering an astonishing sound pressure level for its size.

    Vertex 2

    The Vertex 2 is a compact loudspeaker delivering an astonishing sound pressure level for its size.

    Vertex 3

    The Vertex 3 is a high power / high sensitivity loudspeaker delivering an astonishing sound pressure level for its compact size.

  • Ultra-versatile coaxial loudspeakers

    The name Solo has been chosen for these loudspeakers as they are fitted with a single coaxial drive-unit.

    The coaxial layout provides significant advantages, which ensures a unique versatility:

    - The directivity is the same in all directions.

    - The directivity is smoothly increasing, without disruption in the crossover region as the HF and the Midrange have the same.

    - The power response is perfectly coherent with the pressure response throughout the whole frequency range.

    The Solo 1 is the first loudspeaker in this range, with a compact design, a small depth of 90 mm and a frequency range from 80 Hz to 20 kHz.

    It can be also used in a combo with the Raijuu 1 bass-extension unit.

  • Powerful Subwoofers

    Raijuu in the Japanese mythology is the spirit of thunder. This is a symbolic characteristic of the Raijuu range of subwoofers, which are loud, fast and powerful.

    The Raijuu loudspeakers are subwoofers operating from 20 Hz to 100 Hz. They are to be coupled to limited-range loudspeakers via an active DSP crossover.

    Raijuu 1

    The Raijuu 1 is a very small compact subwoofer designed to be shallow enough to fit in a drywall. It is a closed-box design operating below its resonance frequency, hence providing a band-pass response defined by a 2nd order low-pass function provided by a DSP unit.

    Raijuu 2

    The Raijuu 2 is a compact subwoofer designed to provide the maximum impact and SPL for an ultimate playback of the LFE channel. It is a vented design.

Vertex 3
  • The Congard Code

    Screen Excellence products are available through our global network of highly competent installers and integrators. You can find one near you by clicking on the Dealer Locator.

    The Congard Code
  • Acoustically transparent screens

    Audio Excellence audio products are designed to be part of a complete Home Theater system, with the L,C,R front loudspeakers located in the right place: Behind the projection screen. Check out your next projection screen for ultimate performance on the Screen Excellence website.

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