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Power amplifiers

You are without doubt aware of the adverse effects of a clipping amplifier. Beyond the harsh sound generated, it is much more likely to damage your loudspeakers than overpower them.

The solution is to provide significant headroom by using a power amplifier capable of delivering both very high voltage and current. This results in a completely clean sound eradicating any clipping.

  • High power four-channel amplifier for the discerning audiophile

    Quattro 06

    Featuring an advanced class TD power supply, the Quattro 06 is capable of delivering both high current and high voltage on 4 channels simultaneously, 600 Watts into 8Ω (or 1200 Watts into 4Ω). Its world-class performance makes it the ideal powerhouse for Home Theater installations.

    DSP Quattro 06

    Designed for ultimate performance and flexibility with extreme ease of installation, the DSP Quattro 06 combines a digital active crossover with a 4-channel high-power amplifier. Any of the 4 input signals can be routed to any of the outputs or summed on any single output making this is the ideal solution for powering the L,C,R channel speakers with a summed channel bass extension.

    Quattro 04

    The Quattro 04 has the same design as the 06, but with a lower power rating for less demanding applications such as small system surround channels or for ceiling channels.

  • High power eight-channel digital amplifier for ultimate Home Theatre installations

    Octo 05

    The Octo 05 is an advanced class D, eight channel power amplifier.

    Driving all channels simultaneously, it provides a healthy 500 Watts of power per channel into 8Ω (or 900 Watts into 4Ω). Due to its ultrafast switches, it affords a super low >109 dB signal/noise ratio resulting in a natural, analogue-like sound quality.

  • The Congard Code

    Screen Excellence products are available through our global network of highly competent installers and integrators. You can find one near you by clicking on the Dealer Locator.

    The Congard Code
  • Acoustically transparent screens

    Audio Excellence audio products are designed to be part of a complete Home Theater system, with the L,C,R front loudspeakers located in the right place: Behind the projection screen. Check out your next projection screen for ultimate performance on the Screen Excellence website.

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