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Wide Screen Review of the Audio Excellence 7.2 system

“Audio Excellence likens the performance to bringing the sound of commercial theaters into your home, but I’ve only been to one commercial theater that sounded remotely as good as this Audio Excellence Home Theater system”

- Doug Blackburn

"One of the best demos at the show."

- Rob Sabin for Sound & Vision on September 9, 2017

“The best overall demo I experienced at CEDIA was presented by Seymour-Screen Excellence, Audio Excellence, and Wolf Cinema. The sound of the 7.2.4 Audio Excellence system was superb—loud but not fatiguing—and the Wolf TXF-5000 4Klaser-illuminated projector produced the best image I saw at the show. That image was supported by the newly introduced Enlightor-Neo acoustically transparent screen measuring 142″ diagonally. I could have stayed in that room for hours!”

- Scott Wilkinson for AVS Forum on September 13, 2017

"Quite a few audio and video companies joined forces to showoff unique projector-based home theater systems at CEDIA 2017, and none of them compared to the Seymour-Screen Excellence/Wolf Cinema/Audio Excellence demo room."

- Todd Anderson for AV Nirvana on September 13, 2017

"Audio Excellence is advocating a fascinating new approach to bass management, which it says helps solve the problem of low frequency standing waves in small rooms, using what it dubs the Congard Code."

- Steve May for Inside CI on July 13, 2016


"Whether we get called to design a theater from the ground-up or simply upgrade to 3D audio, the heightened realism of the Audio Excellence system is hugely exciting to our customers."

- Chris Wyllie, S.E.A.L. New York

"Audio Excellence’s founder, Patrice Congard is a very well-respected individual in this industry, and Audio Excellence as a company reflects this. We are very pleased to be able to offer these products to our users around the globe."

- Guy Singleton, The Cinema Designer

"Audio Excellence is a shining example of how to marry the practical benefits of pro audio loudspeaker design with the subtleties required for residential applications. Combined with the refreshing Congard Code methodology for configuring the system, the result is a surround sound speaker system that astounds all users and beats the competition hands down. Audio Excellence are breaking the sound barrier!"

- Wayne Hyde, CAVD, UK Distributor

"It was a pleasure to listen to a coherent and accurate system, there are precious few people who understand fundamental speaker design, time alignment, phase coherence and impulse response, a recipe for an accurate reproduction of sound."

- James Soanes, Technical Officer, OPPO Digital UK Ltd

"I am excited to say that this system had the energy to make me smile from the very first audition. I have heard many systems and there were always some shortfalls in certain movies and music. Audio Excellence simply cures these issues with its tight LCR bass extension and an intoxicating compression driver. The compact, slim size allows a cinema at home without upsetting the decor or marital bliss!"

- Mukesh Hemdev, Music Ranch, India

"Our clients are generally building houses in locations with very high land values. The ability to provide world class, beyond commercial cinema performance in such a shallow package allows us to make the best use of that space without compromising the audio quality."

- Multiroom Media

"I Like the idea of having separate bass unit from main 3 speakers. Good sound from nice size speakers!"

- Ricky Jennings, Director, Kalibrate Limited


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