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Raijuu in the Japanese mythology is the spirit of thunder.
This is a symbolic characteristic of the Raijuu range of subwoofers, which are loud, fast and powerful.

The Raijuu loudspeakers are subwoofers operating from 20 Hz to 100 Hz.
They are to be coupled to limited-range loudspeakers via an active DSP crossover.

Raijuu 1

The Raijuu 1 is a very small compact subwoofer designed to be shallow enough to fit in a drywall. It is a closed-box design operating below its resonance frequency, hence providing a band-pass response defined by a 2nd order low-pass function provided by a DSP unit.

  1. 587 x 367 x 103 mm
  2. 20 kg
  3. Pair of binding posts
  4. 1 x 12” ultra-flat high power driver
  5. Fc-100 Hz (Fc being defined by the 2nd order low-pass function)
  6. 8 Ω
  7. 400 W
  8. 104dB
  9. 91dB
  10. In-wall adaptation kit

Raijuu 2

The Raijuu 2 is a compact subwoofer designed to provide maximum impact and SPL for ultimate playback of the LFE channel. It is a vented design.

  1. 650 x 550 x 349 mm
  2. 40 kg
  3. Speakon 2
  4. 1 x 18” high power driver
  5. 20-100 Hz
  6. 8 Ω
  7. 1400 W
  8. 120dB
  9. 110dB

Raijuu 2 A

The Raijuu 2 A is an active version of the compact R2 subwoofer. Designed to provide maximum impact and SPL to deliver ultimate playback of the LFE channel. It is a vented design.

  1. 1x18" high power driver
  2. 20-150 Hz
  3. 1600 W into 8 Ohms
  4. 120 dB
  5. 20-100 Hz
  6. 110 dB
  7. XLR balanced input
  8. 650 x550 x 349 mm
  9. 44 kg
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  • Vertex

    The Vertex loudspeakers are limited-range designs operating from 100 Hz to 22kHz.
    They are to be coupled to a bass extension unit, like the Raijuu 1, via an active DSP crossover.

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