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Do You Know About Edge Diffraction?

Cabinet edge diffraction is a phenomenon where secondary sound sources are created by acoustic diffraction on the edges of the cabinet at certain frequencies. These interfere with the loudspeaker’s initial wave. The result is a colouration or “blurring” of the sound.
To avoid this, the front edges of the speaker can be rounded – This is quite common in speaker design.

However, a minimal cabinet depth, as exhibited by the Vertex Series of loudspeakers, prohibits this traditional way of combating edge diffraction.

How Does The Vertex Series Solve Edge Diffraction?

The design brief was to produce a range of high performance, high SPL, high sensitivity loudspeakers, whilst maintaining a shallow cabinet depth capable of in-wall installation.
The Vertex series takes a ground-breaking approach to design. The most noticeable feature is the unusual use of foam on the front of each unit. You might be wondering why the foam is used and why it sets our Home Theater audio solutions apart from the competition.

The Vertex series of loudspeakers uses absorbent foam to solve edge diffraction whilst maintaining the shallow cabinet depth required for in wall installation.

The foam is a highly absorbent material. Surrounding the drive units, it absorbs the surface wave, hence reducing edge diffraction.
Using this approach ensures that the clarity of sound from the drive units is uncompromised, whilst maintaining a physically very shallow depth loudspeaker capable of in-wall installation.

Initially available in “pearl grey” an additional colour option of black is now available.

All Audio Excellence products have been designed with the utmost attention to detail, embodying state-of-the-art knowledge to deliver the ultimate listening experience.

Vertex: An Unconventional Look For A Good Reason.

Published by Patrice Congard, Audio Excellence CEO

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