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A visit to a stunning post-production facility

Let’s face it, I am lucky!

A few years ago, we sold a Screen Excellence projection screen to Loudness Films Studio in Lisbon, Portugal. This facility is run by Branko Neskov, a world-wide renowned sound engineer.

So, when on holidays in Lisbon last week, I rang Branko and asked him if I could visit his studio.

He warmly welcomed me, and here I was: In a great Dolby Atmos mixing/dubbing studio in the sweet town of Lisbon.

Branko ran a demo, first with the usual Dolby test Blu-ray, which I am familiar with, and then with an extract of a movie they have been producing locally, in Catalan language.

The sound was powerful, clean, detail-rich and beyond any shortcoming. The Atmos localisation worked as well as I had ever heard.

Then I had the opportunity to discuss the studio set-up with Julius « Joules » Newell - the system designer. This is where it gets seriously interesting….

After Joules mentioned his approach to loudspeaker design, he explained that he discarded the Dolby recommendations to equalise each speaker individually according to the environment.

Instead, he used a DSP crossover for both filtering the bass and the treble and for optimising the loudspeaker response with parametric equalisation.
Then, he applied the same settings to all ceiling and surround speakers.

This is very important: In this case, it is the loudspeaker that is equalised for an optimum response - NOT the room.

This approach is the very basis of the Congard Code and it was great to receive affirmation of our philosophy from world-class engineers with years of experience.

In my next e-mail, I will explore the pure logic of this approach.

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Kind regards,

Patrice Congard - CEO Audio Excellence

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